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Studio Policies

Our primary concern is the wellbeing and happiness of our students. Studio policies are put in place to  ensure that we are able to provide a safe and professional service. By enrolling in one of our classes, you are becoming a member of the Grace Studios community and we ask that you also uphold our values and policies. Here is a quick overview of some important reminders, however, to read the full 'Child Health and Safety Policy', please click here: 

You rely on us and we rely on you

Attending Classes

Students should not bring food into the class as some students have allergies. A drink bottle is not only allowed but suggested. Class supervision commences only at the specified lesson time. If students arrive early they should be supervised by the parent who is dropping them off. If parents are going to be more than five minutes late to collect their child, they must contact the studio as a matter of urgency. Teachers must commence the classes which follow and cannot supervise students for extended periods of time after their class has ended. If you are late, your child will need to wait inside the building and you will be required to come in and collect them from a class teacher. We ask that students come to drama dressed in clothes that allow them to move freely and comfortably. Please bring all appropriate materials to your lesson, including scripts, texts and props. Parents are not able to view the classes except on allocated viewing days or on special request. This is because students behave differently in front of an audience and some may suffer from anxiety. We work very hard to create a space in which students feel completely comfortable and supported and they should not be exposed to an audience without warning and preparation. 

Media Policy

Students at Grace Studios will be involved in drama activities where they may be photographed. Photographs of students may be used in a variety of media to celebrate a student’s success in a particular area, or for educational purposes, or to promote activities at the Studio. Photographs of children are also used in newspapers, studio brochures, website, DVDs, special displays and other promotional material.


In order to ensure child safety the studio follows a number of precautionary measures:


Photos are never published with the full name of the student. Instead, only first names or initials are used.


Photography and video content is only captured in public spaces, never in dressing rooms where students could be changing costumes.


All media is assessed against the studio media safety policies before it is published online. This ensures that images are not deemed as indecent or offensive.


This website provides a photography withdrawal form. Should parents wish any media to be removed or edited by the studio they can make this request by submitting this form.

New information regarding online learning can be found in our e-learning handbook:



Please note, Grace Studios bills in ten week terms and is not liable for classes which students do not attend. Once a student books a class, the studio must make financial commitments to ensure that this class can run for the term, including staff, rent and insurances. We are unable to back out of these commitments so neither are you. In the event that the studio is responsible for the loss of a lesson, a makeup lesson will be arranged at a time which is convenient for the student. Parents are responsible for confirming class times, locations and running dates when they make their purchase. 


What happens next

Once you have purchased a class online, a copy of your enrolment will be sent to the email address you have provided. If you have purchased tickets these will also be sent via email. All merchandise will be available for collection at the studio during your class lesson time. Regardless of your purchase you will be asked to complete 'shipping' details, including a phone number and address. While we may be providing you with a service, rather than a physical product, we still need you to complete these details so that we can include them on the enrolment. Simply select FREE shipping.  

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