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Sutherland Shire Kids' Joke Competition

Calling all jokesters! If you can’t get enough of the sweets and treats these school holidays, then this is the perfect competition for you. We’ve partnered with Shire Sweets and Gifts to create the Grace Studios Joke Competition. 


Over the January school holidays we invite ALL children in the Sutherland Shire (under the age of 18) to submit their best performance of their favourite joke. 


At the end of the competition, the owner of Shire Sweets and Gifts will review the submissions and select one very lucky winner to receive some AWESOME prizes. 



The winner will get to go to the Shire Sweets and Gifts store in Engadine to receive a delectable basket of treats. 


Along with all the best lollies to devour, the winner will receive a $100 gift voucher to spend on Speech, Drama or Musical Theatre coaching at Grace Studios.

Announcing our 2021 Winner! 

 A massive congratulations to Charlie S who is the official winner of the 2021 Grace Studios Sutherland Shire Joke Competition. We hope you enjoy your delectable basket of treats! In addition to this amazing hamper, Charlie has scored himself a voucher for $100 worth of lessons at the studio to further develop his drama skills. 

It takes a lot of confidence for kids to get behind a camera to film their jokes, so a massive thank you to parents, students and everyone who submitted an entry in our competition.  

As a small business it means a lot to for us to parter with other businesses in our local community so thank you to Shire Sweets for being a part of our competition, for providing the amazing prize and for helping us choose a winner. We look forward to hosting another competition real soon!  


Candy Cane
Candy Cane

Mother and daughter team– now that's sweet!


Supporting our Community

When we arrive at our Engadine studio (now one of many)  to teach classes in the afternoons, there is always a large congregation of children waiting for us. As teachers, we can't help but notice that everyone is always busy chomping away on whatever delicious treat they've managed to pick out from our local Shire Sweet Shop before making their way to their lesson. For many children, these treats may be the only thing they love more than performing. So, we decided that if you can't beat them, join them! 

Anna Grace, our studio director is known for her love of Nerds, Gobstoppers and all things Wonka. It is no secret that she also frequents the lolly shop. Naturally, it wasn't long until a partnership was born! Thank you to the amazing Shire Sweets and Gifts Store for sponsoring this delicious hamper of prizes for our lucky winner to share with their family and friends. 

We hope this competition provides a fun activity to keep the kids of the Sutherland Shire busy this school holidays, and we are so thankful and proud to collaborate with another local, women led business. 


Anna Grace checking out the prize (let's hope she doesn't eat it!).

How to

Think about how you use your voice, face and body language to communicate with your audience. Try changing your tone to convey mood and meaning. Consider pausing, pitch, pace, volume and intonation.

tell a

Make sure you are easy to understand. Rushing your joke, mumbling, or laughing before your audience has a chance to, could really impact the end result. Be sure to check your video to make sure the camera is steady, and the sound and picture are clear.


good joke

Choose a joke that you find funny. Think about what makes it funny, and what type of joke it is. Is it fast paced? Do you need to build suspense? Will you have a long pause? How will you signal the punch-line to your audience? Have fun!


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