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Start learning online

With the recent updates to government recommendations, in response to the Coronavirus, the studio has had to re-assess service delivery. As per government enforced social distancing rules, and the closure of non-essential services, Grace Studios has ceased providing on-site tuition– effective immediately. Like all educational institutions, we are now focused on e-learning and are taking our lessons online. You can read more about this decision here

We have carefully tailored our online lessons to maximise the impact of e-learning formats. The studio is making a range of digital resources available, including video conferencing, pre-recorded videos, digital resources and online class documents.

We are here to support our students to feel confident to communicate online and to enhance their digital literacy and technology skills.


For everything you need to know about how to access online classes, our technology, policies and online class structures, click here: 

Once you have read all of this information, students are now ready to start learning. For new students joining classes online for the first time, please complete the following registration form so that we can invite you to our online lessons.

What parents say


Can I please say how impressed I am with you guys making the super quick transition to online lessons.


My son Julian had one last Friday and said it was awesome fun. This is such a lifeline to isolated kids right now

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness to Mia this morning, it was really pleasant to sit and listen to the class, and how positive Mia is. The online worked well and although not face to face, I think it gave Mia the confidence to then go into her class lessons with confidence and work ethic.

Wow Lauren you are amazing. Can't believe you can engage Kurtis for a whole hour. It is the first time he looks into the screen while expressing his ideas.


Usually he looks away when doing zoom meetings with his teacher and friends at school.




Once you have read the information booklet, please register enrolled students for online classes here:

I need help

We are here to support you and answer any questions you may have about online learning. Send us a message to make a time to speak to one of our team who can talk you through the tools and technology you need for lessons.

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