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Mrs Millward has 40+ years of experience nurturing students. In her previous roles as an English teacher, she has been a Co-ordinator, Gifted and Talented Educator, and has taught grades 7-12, up to Extension 2. Mrs Millward understands students' diverse learning needs, and delivers results. In her free time, Mrs Millward is a professional editor and published song writer.

In these private tutoring sessions, students will work one-on-one with Mrs Millward to unlock their full potential:


  • Improved literacy
  • Reading and comprehension
  • Essay writing
  • Textural analysis
  • Spelling and grammer
  • Prepare for important assignments
  • Exam training and time management
  • Expert understanding of areas of learning - E.g. Genres and styles of literature
  • Composing (plays, poetry, short stories and speeches)
  • Specialist tutoring for HSC, and English Ext 1 / Ext 2
  • Improved confidence and an enhanced love of learning
  • Emotional support (manage stress anxiety around school work)

All classes map students' needs and are adjusted to match their goals and developmental stages of learning. Whether the student is a high achiever looking to secure a top mark or rank, or a student who is struggling to perform in a traditional classroom setting, Mrs Millward will be there to mentor and support them every step of the way. Mrs Millward is a kind and nurturing tutor who intimately understands the school syllabuses and curriculum learning outcomes, and who knows how to get the best out of her students.



All classes are taught online. Flexible after shcool time slots, confirmed at the time of booking.
Bookings are made in 6 week blocks (inclusive of 6 lessons) 
30min sessions are $50 (suggested for years 7-10)

1hr sessions are $100 (suggested for year 11 / HSC)

English Tutoring

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