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Important Information: Please read and confirm all of the following information before completing your enrolment. By purchasing this product you are confirming the arrangements detailed here.


Class dates, location and billing: Term One 2024 runs from Monday 29th January to Sunday the 14th April. This product includes eleven one hour lessons which are conducted weekly. Classes cost $83 each. We bill by the term and are not liable for classes which the student does not attend. 


This class is held at 8/29 East Parade Sutherland, 2232. 


About The Class


Private tuition allows you to work one on one with our specialist AMEB Speech and Drama teachers. We tailor these one hour lessons to meet each individual's needs. We consult with each student at the beginning of the term to confirm which program they will be pursuing. These lessons would be suitable for individuals wanting to try out some or all of the following:


  • Work on speech challenges such as the pronunciation of sounds, speech rhythm, tone and vocal modulation
  • Pursue classical theatre and complete AMEB Speech and Drama examinations to gain formal qualifications in the arts
  • Work with a public speaking or communication coach
  • Get help with HSC tutoring
  • Prepare for auditions
  • Grow your confidence and overcome stage fright


You can check out some of the class options listed below.


AMEB - Speech, Drama and Communication


Not only does our studio offer fun and supportive drama classes for kids, we also specialise in private tuition for children and adults alike, which is assessable under AMEB syllabuses. This opportunity allows students to train under AMEB qualified teachers, who have developed a refined knowledge of not only 'acting' as a general category, but of speech and voice production, theatrical text analysis and classical theatre. Students who undertake this one-on-one tuition are able to complete both practical and written examinations, which provide them with qualifications up to Diploma level as well as rare feedback from professors of the Arts.


Voice Training


It is easy to take our speech for granted, but the reality is that our tongue is a muscle and a knowledge of voice production can change the way we sound and speak. Poor speech habits can result from a variety of reasons, some more easily fixed than others. This class helps students to work on:


Articulation: to master sounds which the student may struggle with (for example, the 'th') and to gain greater control over the movable speech organs such as the tongue, lips and soft palate.


Vocal tone: to achieve a well resonated voice that has richness and carrying power. This will allow students to reverse the effects of a faulty tone which may be caused, for example, by an excess of nasality.


Breathing: Breathing is central to all voice production. Students will learn to use the correct diaphragmatic intercostal breathing which facilitates greater lung capacity and control over air direction and flow.


Posture and relaxation: The voice is impacted by holding either too little or too much tension. It is important to correct posture and gain an awareness of the body.


Public Speaking


Public speaking is said to be most people's greatest fear. With the right training however, we can learn to not only master the art of public speaking, but to enjoy it! Communication is the number one most important life skill.


These classes will allow students to feel confident to articulate their ideas for friends and family, as well as to speak more formally in front of peers in the classroom or the workplace. Classes are tailored to suit the student and training is equally focused on the art of speech writing as it is on delivery.


Audition Preparation


Do you need help preparing for an audition? Auditions can be nerve racking at the best of times, but these classes can help you to feel ready for the 'big day'. Your teacher will guide you in your selection of performance material and help you to polish your theatrical works. We ensure that all of our students enter the audition space with the confidence and energy needed to help them feel proud of their performance, whatever the result.




Lizzie Bridges 




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