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PLEASE NOTE: This class is online only. 


Please read and confirm all of the following information before completing your enrolment. By purchasing this product you are confirming the arrangements detailed here.


Class dates, location and billing: 


Term One 2024 runs from: Monday 29th January to Sunday the 14th April. This product includes eleven one hour lessons which are conducted weekly. We bill by the term and are not liable for classes which the student does not attend. 


About the class: 


How about a private creative arts coach to help you reach your goals wherever you are based? Weekly one-on-one sessions dedicated to helping you pursue your passions and make the most of your time at home! You could come out the other side of this more positive, confident and qualified. 


Join now to start your weekly classes with an action packed hour of Speech and Drama, Voice and Communication, or Singing and Musical Theatre, right inside your home. Your personal tutor will be there to meet you, drive you toward your goals and while we are helping our students to look and sound great, we are also making sure they feel great. Our team of expert tutors are a motivated support network ready to build your confidence and help you grow your talent. 


 Together, we will ensure that you: 


- Connect with mentors and friends

- Discuss ideas and feelings

- Imagine, rehearse and showcase creative projects 

- Set goals and overcome challenges 

- Build new skills, get qualified and meet important educational outcomes

- Pursue your passions, interests and hobbies

What are you waiting for? You’ve got time: let’s use it! 


Private tuition allows you to work one on one with our specialist AMEB Speech, Drama, Musical Theatre and Singing teachers. We tailor these one hour lessons to meet each individual's needs. We consult with each student at the beginning of the term to confirm which program of work they will be pursuing. These lessons would be suitable for individuals wanting to try out some or all of the following:


  • Pursue classical theatre training and/or complete AMEB Speech and Drama examinations to gain formal qualifications in Speech, Drama, Voice and Communication 
  • Work with a public speaking and communication coach
  • Be tutored by a top voice specialist for singing and/or musical theatre 
  • Get help with HSC tutoring
  • Prepare for auditions and stage work 
  • Grow your confidence and overcome stage fright
  • Be assisted by a vocal coach to master speech and tone corrections, including the pronunciation of sounds, speech rhythm, tone and vocal modulation


As tutors qualified under the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), our teachers can help students to obtain internationally recognised qualifications in the areas of Speech, Drama, Musical Theatre and Singing. AMEB (NSW) has been inspiring excellence and supporting students' artistic achievements for over 100 years. Overall direction of AMEB activities is the responsibility of their Federal Board consisting of representatives of educational institutions that are signatories to the AMEB constitution, namely the Universities of Melbourne, Adelaide and Western Australia, the Minister for Education, New South Wales, the Minister for Education, Training and Employment, Queensland, and the Minister for Education and Training, Tasmania, through the University of Tasmania.


Important Administrative Information:


 All classes are again held in the studio, unless private lesson students request online tuition, which is always available. If you are a student who is continuing classes online, some classes could be impacted by technology. However, in the instance of disruptions we have a backup plan. Our courses are the perfect blend of video conferencing and digital learning resources provided online. We draw from a range of media, pre-recorded videos, and text resources, to build on top of our video conferencing sessions. Please read about our e-learning strategies here prior to enrolling. When purchasing this product, you will tick to say you agree with the studio's policies and conditions for learning online: CLICK ME!




When placing your order you will be asked for shipping details, including a phone number and address. You may be ordering a service rather than a physical product, however, we still ask that you complete these details as part of your enrolment at the studio. Simply select FREE shipping. 

Online Coach: $83 per session

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