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As Speech and Drama teachers, we are empowering students of all ages to achieve natural and intelligible speech habits. As well as addressing functional speech disorders with closely guided speech exercises, our lessons provide students with an opportunity to apply this training in fun, creative drama activities. 


Common challenges we work on include: 


The ‘th’, ’s’, ‘r’, and ‘l’ sounds 
Lip laziness 
Rapid speech 
Mumbling and throaty tone 
The elision (removal) of sounds 
Unnatural speech rhythm
Inappropriate pause and stress 
Inappropriate intonation (rising and falling tunes)
Monotony (lacking vocal colour and expression) 
Shallow breathing / breathy tone
Faulty tones such as excess nasality 
Lack of resonance (speaks too quietly or too loudly) 
Lack of non-verbal communication (eye contact, gesture and facial expression) 
Accent for ESL students
Confidence to communicate


If a student is thinking about taking up voice coaching or elocution lessons, it is important that we assess them first. Poor voice production and negligent pronunciation can be caused by a variety of issues. It is necessary for the teacher to understand the challenges that the student is facing. During the assessment the teacher will provide feedback on the extent to which the student’s voice production technique and pronunciation of sounds can be modified using the type of remedial strategies typically implemented in our classes.

Speech Assessment

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