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 A chance to be on the stage in 2019!  


We're hosting a

film festival! 

The Rising Stars Showcase

Once a year in term four the studio features a spectacular display of student talent in our annual Rising Stars Showcase. This is an exciting opportunity for students to share their work with family and friends, and enjoy a special moment in the spotlight.


Both private students and whole group classes are invited to present theatrical works in the show, as directed by their class teacher. 

2021 Rising Stars 
Film Festival

Building on the success of our 2020 Rising Stars Film Festival, Grace Studios students will again have the opportunity to explore a wide range of screen acting techniques in preparation for filming their work for our end of year showcase. 

In term four, students will rehearse their screen performances, shoot them with a professional film crew, and watch them together with family and friends in our online film festival!

Important Information



Term Four 2021

Throughout the term, students will work with their teacher to compose and rehearse their performances. This preparation will include developing an awareness of camera angles, film techniques, editing and storyboarding. All classes will prepare students for the official day of filming.



More information to come! 


Sunday, 19th December 2021

Starting time TBC  

Have your popcorn at the ready! Families will be given an exclusive access pass to login and watch the Grace Studios Rising Stars Film Festival. No need to crowd into a venue with hundreds of people, you'll be able to sit together at home with your friends and family and see your favourite actors on the screen.

How to watch

On your computer, iPad or smart-phone 

On a smart TV, or from your computer to your television using a HDMI cable or a screen sharing setting


No need! Your video access pass is included in the registration cost.


All students will source their own costumes and will attend the filming day fully dressed and ready to feature on screen.


Costume Information Sheets

Class teachers will complete an individualised form for each student, detailing their character description, reference images and recommended costuming items, along with helpful links. Students are encouraged to be involved in the costuming process with parents, best utilising what they already have at home, making their own, borrowing from family and friends, visiting op shops as well as costume providers. Information forms will be emailed to each family once students are enrolled for the new term. 


Film Day

We are booking in a camera crew who will be on site to capture the final student performances on screen. The film team will direct the students on the day, and then edit the videos ready for the premiere. Students will need to to be available for the full day, however, set times for filming will be staggered.

Rehearsal Supervision 

The filming day is fully supervised by our teaching team. Parents will only be required to pick up and drop off students at their designated times. 

Awards, Merch and Photography

All students will receive a certificate, studio T-shirt, and can expect to show up in photos and 'head-shots' from the day

Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 1.14.39 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 1.10.43 pm.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 1_edited.jpg

Important reminders for parents and guardians

Preparation is EVERYTHING

To get the most out of this event, parents, students and teachers need to work together as a community. As a parent or guardian, you can help make this a special experience by: 

1. Practising lines with students and taking an interest in their work. They need your vote of confidence and preparation to help them shine in front of the camera.

2. Coming to the filming day with everything that the student needs including a costume that you have had fun putting together with them.

3. Preparing for the premiere and make it special even though you'll be watching from home. Make sure you have a device / television ready to watch on (you might need to work out how to connect your laptop to the TV), make popcorn and invite family and friends to participate too. Celebrate the student's work!

On the filming day...


Breaks/Food: Students will not be able to leave the venue on the day (once left under the supervision of the studio) so it is vital that they bring everything they need. It is expected that students will have a healthy, hearty meal before meeting for rehearsals. Following this, students will not be given a designated lunch break, however a lot of rehearsal time is spent waiting patiently, so students will have plenty of time to have a drink or eat their food whenever they feel they need to (class teachers will also assist with break times). It is expected that students will bring with them all of the food and drink they need for the day, as nothing will be available for purchase.  Parents, please be responsible for making sure that your child leaves home with everything they need and respect the allergy risks of other students by avoiding nuts and encouraging children not to share food.


What to Bring:

Costume, hair and makeup need to be completed before arriving at the venue. Dressing rooms are available for touchups only. It is expected parents will assist students with all dressing needs prior to arrival. 

Stage blacks - all students must come to the day in full costume but should also bring black clothes and black shoes / school shoes. 


Appropriate food / snacks and plenty of water.


Extra props and costume changes (we suggest putting your additional costumes on a hanger with your name on it)


Scripts to practise with