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Grace Studios Perpetual Award 2018

Each year students are awarded a merit certificate and trophy to honour their hard work and dedication towards their achievement in Speech, Drama and Musical Theatre. It takes the talent of many students to produce a show that is polished and engaging, and all should be recognised for their commitment throughout the year, and efforts on the day.

However, to further encourage the dedication, flair and excellence of student performances on the day, a major prize is given, entitled ‘The Grace Studios Perpetual Award’. This award is given to one student each year based on their performance at the end of year concert. An independent adjudicator views the show and gives feedback to the studio to select the winner of the Grace Studios Perpetual Award.

The criteria for the winning recipient is based on quality not quantity. This means that the award is given to a student who exhibits refined vocal skills, unfaltering characterisation, controlled and intentional movement, energy, flair and most importantly, stage presence. The Grace Studios Perpetual Award is another way to commend outstanding students for their efforts.