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Katie in Bathory Begins!

It's been a good week for many students at the studio, particularly Katie W who, after auditions and callbacks, was recently cast in ATYPs upcoming production of Bathory Begins. ATYP is the leading Australian Theatre Company for young people, and is great pathway for supporting students who are serious about being on the stage. Katie used her monologue 'Night' (which we were all amazed by at the Grace Studios Rising Stars Showcase) as one of her audition pieces. Katie certainly is a rising star. To read more on the show and ATYP visit this link, and keep an eye out for when tickets go on sale.

Bathory Begins, follows year 10 Art teacher MRS Bathory, a reincarnation of the sadistic, serial-killer Countess, Erzebet Báthory. It’s pretty obvious to her class of seven —yes, seven — girls. The last remaining survivors. When the students in 10F decide to pull the prank of the century and destroy the beast for good, there’s just one thing that stands in their way. The private school boys from Judas Gents have arrived, and they don’t feel so comfortable with murder. Girls vs. boys. Public vs. private… And an undead woman of the night. Things were never going to end well. Get your tickets here:

Go Katie!

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If you are interested in ATYP auditions, we recommend subscribing to their page for notifications when casting calls go out:

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