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See Sarah in SUDS: Caligula

This is your last chance to get tickets to this awesome show and watch our very talented Sarah Doyle on stage with some fantastic humans from the University of Sydney!

Caligula by French Algerian philosopher, author, journalist and Nobel Prize in Literature recipient, is a story of a 'superior suicide. It is the story of the most human and tragic of errors. Unfaithful to humanity, loyal to himself, Caligula consents to die for having understood that he cannot save himself all alone, and that he cannot be free in opposition to all others. After the death of his sister, Caligula goes missing for three days. Upon his return he is changed; obsessed by the quest for the impossible and poisoned by contempt and horror he murders, perverts all values, and seeks the ultimate freedom. He rejects friendship and love, alienates his friends, distorts good and evil, and forces the people around him to a dangerous and enchanting logic. But Caligula realises that one cannot destroy without destroying oneself. He slowly depopulates the world around him and, true to his logic, makes arrangements to arm those who will eventually kill him.

In ‘Caligula’ cast and crew have come together to bring to life Camus’ story of Rome’s most logical emperor. Sound, movement, and Camus’ words combine to create a hypnotic, disorienting story of grief, politics, and love.

TICKETS: Pricing: SUDS $3 | ACCESS $5 | Concession $7 | Adult $10 Dates: 13th March - 16th March, 20th March - 23rd March; 7pm

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