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AMEB Written Exam Results!

A huge congratulations to all of the students who just sat for their recent AMEB Speech and Drama Written examinations. These are extremely intense exams which only a small percentage of the student population undertake, typically those who wish to one day be fully qualified teachers.

Outstanding grade results from Liz B, Fletcher S and Katie W, but a VERY big congratulations to Lauren H, Emma B and Steven J who, after more than a decade of tuition have finally achieved their Associate! The final AMEB written teaching examination runs for three hours and takes students roughly two years to prepare for, after having completed another year for their Certificate of Drama and Performance Australia, and all of their practical exams. The content knowledge for this qualification is, frankly, terrifying, but these results are proof that it can be done!

As the director of Grace Studios, I have worked with many gifted students, but it takes a very determined individual to see this level of qualification through. Being a teacher isn’t just about teaching content from a book, it’s about watching young people grow, making them accountable, expecting they'll strive to be the best version of themselves, challenging their perceptions and believing in them when they don’t. It’s not always easy, for teacher or student, but great challenges come with great rewards. Bring on graduation!

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