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Uniting After School Care Drama Workshops

For the past two weeks Emma has attended Uniting After School Care Service in Engadine and ran some drama workshops with the children.

Uniting After School Care service is currently working on the Connect, Protect and Promote Program (CP3). The CP3 program has been developed in connection with the university of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre. The aim of the CP3 program is to link the children with their local community, offer them an opportunity to try new activities and engage them by having experts deliver activities.

Emma had a fabulous time running an introductory lesson to drama, building the children's confidence and awareness of drama skills (voice, body, mime, space and communication) in workshop one as well as structuring some scenes where the children could work on character and narrative structure in workshop two.

Thank you Uniting After School Care for being so welcoming and supportive of our local community!

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