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Thinking about signing up for lessons at school?

If you're interested in learning more about classes provided on campus at your school, or would like to enrol, please complete the inquiry form. We'll get in touch to discuss: 

- Class types, times and teachers at your school

- Costs and billing 

- Term dates and important logistics 

- Programs, syllabuses and qualifications

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We come to you! Tuition at your school.

In a world in which technology is so rapidly changing the future of work, and global challenges continue to evolve, it is imperative that we equip young people with the soft skills needed to become confident leaders, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and impactful communicators. 


It is our mission to provide state of the art, co-curricular, extension programs that empower students to: gain formal, internationally recognised qualifications (AMEB), improve the clarity of their speaking, including their pronunciation of sounds (Speech Therapy), become confident public speakers with a mastery over both the written and spoken word, engage with a wide range of literature to develop rich intellectual understandings of different social and cultural contexts, achieve confidence and enhanced interpersonal skills and develop academic excellence in the arts. 


Our programs offer students unique experiences and mentorship that is not always made available to them in a school context, while also nurturing many of the skills developed within the areas of learning on the NSW school curriculum.  Private schools in the northern and eastern suburbs have long embraced AMEB speech, drama, music and public speaking programs, as important tools for ensuring their students excel across the board, and for enhancing their own unique value proposition as educational leaders amongst Sydney schools. 


After a decade of teaching in the Sutherland Shire, as a peripatetic teacher in schools and as the director of Grace Studios, it is with great pride that I would like to introduce a new generation of fully qualified AMEB Speech and Drama teachers and provide these opportunities for the young people of Southern and Western Sydney. 

Government funding for free tuition

As NSW Government registered Creative Kids service providers, Grace Studios offers all students under the age of eighteen $100 of free tuition each year. Once registered with the government program, students will be able to deduct this voucher from their fees. 

Schools participating in our Creative Kids short course will enable students to select from a range of $100 courses aimed at helping them upskill in the areas of Speech, Communication and Leadership. Workshops are offered at preliminary, intermediate and advanced levels, and students receive certificates of completion for each short course. By making these programs free for students using the Creative Kids vouchers, schools and families can work together to ensure every young person has the chance to boost their confidence and develop transferable skills that will help them to succeed at school, and in their future professional lives. 


All the information you need

For school information on how these classes run in school, lesson descriptors, teaching teams and more, check out our schools handbook:

If you are a parent, this version is for you:

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