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Speech Therapy

We are empowering students to achieve natural and intelligible speech habits. As well as addressing functional speech disorders, our lessons provide students with an opportunity to apply this training in fun, creative theatre activities. Learn to pronounce difficult sounds with ease, master speech rhythm, work on tone corrections to communicate clearly and colourfully. This class is suitable for adults as well as students at the earliest stages of their speech development.

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Your journey starts here

Deep breaths… control your excitement… another term at Grace Studios is just around the corner! Please be aware that class times can not be reserved. Spaces are limited. Classes will fill up and sell out. If you wish to secure the class time of your choosing book early! Book now!


Ensure you read the complete product information for each booking to confirm dates, class teachers, terms and conditions.

Online lessons and training are still available and we will continue to use e-learning and video conferencing to enrich our services. 


Click on our Information Handbook here to learn more about our teachers, policies and the benefits of our services: 

Improve speech

Become a confident communicator 

Stimulate the imagination

Critically and creatively engage

Dive into new literature 

Enhance literacy and reading skills

Build friendships and find mentors

Be free to express feelings and ideas

Gain formal, internationally recognised qualifications

Excel at school and in the workforce 

Start building these invaluable skills today!

Click on a product to make a booking or, visit our on campus learning page to see if classes are being offered directly through your school: 

New Students

We offer all new students a FREE trial lesson for group classes. Please complete this form and one of our admin team members will be in contact with you to book in the class type, time and date for the student to attend. 

Book a trial class

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in contact.

Click on a product to read the details and enrol in a class:


Engadine Classes

Sutherland Classes


No matter where you are located, we can provide online tuition. A distance education student? A busy adult trying to fit class in between work? No teachers in your local area? We've got you covered.

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