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Creative Kids $100 of Free Tuition

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Creative Kids vouchers can be put toward coving the cost of tuition for any course on offer at the studio. However, in addition to our regular classes, and in response to COVID-19, we have also made a new 'Free $100 Online Creative Kids Course' available for students all over NSW.


As NSW Government registered Creative Kids service providers, Grace Studios offers all students under the age of eighteen $100 of free tuition each year. By making these programs free for students using the Creative Kids vouchers, we can work together to ensure every young person has the chance to boost their confidence and develop transferable skills that will help them to succeed at school, and in their future professional lives. 

How do I redeem? 

1. Click the Creative Kids link and register with the NSW Government program. 

2. Email the voucher code, student's name and DOB to:

3. The studio will issue you with a voucher code to enter at the checkout when booking a class. This voucher code will deduct $100 from the cost of your purchase. The voucher can be used only once each year and is valid for any form of tuition. 

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