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Welcome to our new scrumdiddlyumptious blog!

You are going to have a whizz-popping time on this page as we keep you up to date with information on all of the latest and greatest goings on at Grace Studios. Because we have only just launched this new webpage we are still in the uckyslush process of transferring over all of our photo galleries and forum posts. Working out how to cram six years of studio updates into our new blog in a speedy and fashionable fashion is a twitch-tickling problem that boggles the minds of us human 'beans'. For now, you can still skip on over to our old web of pages as it will be running until the end of January so that nobody gets muggled up and everybody knows that they can find all the important Gobblefunk at this new location! In case your head is full of cobwebs but none of them are our old web address, you can find us here:

How do ya do and shake hands, shake hands shake hands and how do you do shake hands, state your name and business!

TweedLe-Dee and TweedLE-Dum

Lewis Carroll

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