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From Students to Teachers!

A big congratulations to our tutors who sat for their AMEB Theory exams yesterday.

Lizzie, our vocal and musical theatre coach completed her 6th Grade speech and drama examination.

Lauren and Emma undertook their Associate Diploma of Speech and Drama (after completing their practical assessments last year) to become qualified teachers!

Lauren has studied speech and drama for an impressive 10 years and Emma 12 years! What an achievement in itself!

The examination consisted of 4 sections. Section 1 included transcribing in 3 different phonetic accents, detailing elements of pronunciation, possible causes of negligence in pronunciation and strategies to overcome them. Section 2 required them to have knowledge of the voice work needed to address faulty tones, strategies for ensuring a dynamic vocal modulation and natural speech rhythm. Assistance communicating mood and meaning and building understanding of texts was also required. Section 3 was based on lesson content, methods and materials used to develop performance and communication skills with students in the classroom. Section 4 included questions surrounding criteria for selecting literature for students and the integration of the literature into speech and drama activities.

Lauren, Emma, Steven and Lizzie have studied extremely hard for their exams guided by their teacher Anna-Grace who constantly pushes them to reach for the stars.

We wish them all the best for their future endeavours as speech and drama teachers!

Results will be revealed in a few weeks... let’s hope that all of their hard work, dedication and passion for the art as paid off! 🎭

We also wish Steven good luck who will also be undertaking this same examination in a few weeks time.

Well done to students who completed lower grades (hopefully you'll go on to do your teachers too!)!

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