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The Rising Stars Showcase Perpetual Award

Each year, at our Rising Stars Showcase, students are awarded a merit certificate and trophy to honour their hard work and dedication towards their achievement in drama. It takes the talent of many students to produce a show that is polished and engaging, and all should be recognised for their commitment throughout the year, and efforts on the day.

To further encourage the dedication, flair and excellence of student performances on the day, a major prize is also given, entitled ‘The Grace Studios Perpetual Award’. This award is given to one student based on their performance at the end of year concert. At our most recent production, the prize was awarded by Ms Cooper, trained AMEB Speech and Drama teacher and year 7-12 Drama teacher at Aquinas College. We congratulate Emma B, the award recipient, and are delighted to present Ms Cooper’s comments:

“Emma’s performance at the Showcase was mesmerising and reflected both her natural skill as an actress and her strong stage presence which captured the audience. Her ability to seamlessly transform between several characters throughout the one performance appeared effortless. Emma demonstrated great control in her physicality and vocal skills which allowed her to believably create and sustain different characters. The audience were entertained by Emma’s ability to use multiple accents ranging from Russian to American and this added humour to the piece. A fantastic piece of theatre which epitomises what the Perpetual Award represents!”

This award is ‘the icing on the cake’ for Emma who has enjoyed a very successful year of drama, recently receiving a HSC exam mark of 93 and an overall mark of 92 for her Drama studies. It was a delight to have Emma perform her monologue at the showcase which, along with many hours of hard work memorising and refining essays, has helped her to achieve so much this year. Go Emma!

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