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AMEB Certificate of Distinction

I was very pleased this morning to receive an award for placing in the top five most outstanding private AMEB Speech and Drama teachers in the state of NSW. The end of 2019 will be Grace Studios' 10th year anniversary. I am so fiercely proud of the fact that as well as preparing students who achieve consistently high results, the studio has nurtured hundreds of individuals (from ages 4 to 45) who, because of our services, are today more confident, creative, curious and captivating communicators.

As a dyslexic child who didn't thrive in conventional schooling environments, I can't overstate the positive impact that my own AMEB Speech and Drama teacher had on my life. Able to learn and express myself in ways that worked for me, I fell in love with literature, became a passionate public speaker, developed creative composition skills, thought critically about the world I lived in and soaked up some of the unfaltering belief she had in me. Many degrees, business and life experiences later, these are still skills I continue to draw on and refine in my adult life. The work I do at Grace Studios (and which the teachers I have trained also contribute to) is a return on the investment that another great teacher made in me.

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